Review: Hourglass Luminous Flush Ambient lightening Blush

I have read many reviews on the Ambient lightening blushes by Hourglass therefore I was very excited to get my hands on one. The packaging of this blush is very beautiful and has a very luxurious feel to it. I am still keeping it in the box it came with, even though I use it everyday. I just can not see the case getting dirty or scratchy in my handbag. The case is very light yet sturdy. It also comes with a good sized mirror.

Hourglass has described the blush as “Champagne Rose” but I have a slightly different opinion on that. To me it looks more of a barbie doll pink with gold hues. One thing to know here is that all these blushes are handmade and hand-poured. Therefore they all vary slightly in colour. I have a very interesting story to share here. When I was looking for a new blush I knew I did not want any thing with gold shimmer or too much gold hues. When I tested this blush it was perfection. It was pink that gave a natural radiant glow without overdoing it. I instantly bought it. When I opened it at home the next day, it looked very different from what the tester looked like. I was disappointed and unhappy about it as I had very high expectation from this blush. This one had less of pink and more of gold. I rushed back to the store ( Mecca store, Macquarie centre) even though I had to catch a flight in few hours. I just could not bear having the wrong shade of blush on my vacations. The very helpful sales person explained to me that since they are all handmade they will look slightly different. She happily replaced mine with the one that had more pink in it.

Now lets get into the review of the blush. The blush has a very soft, smooth and non powdery texture. It is very airy and light weight blush. It stays up to 7 hours, which makes it a very long lasting product. I apply in the morning everyday before going to work and it stays fresh till the evening. I have oily skin so it makes a very good every day blush. It is highly pigmented so I recommend using it with light hands. Overall I am in love with product. It gives me a very natural radiant flush. I have been using it everyday for over a month now and will continue using it.


  1. Light weight
  2. Luxurious packaging
  3. Natural glow
  4. Easily buildable
  5. non shimmery
  6. Smooth and non chalky texture
  7. Good pigmentation
  8. long lasting


  1. Easy to get finger prints on the case.

Hope you enjoyed the review. Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.